Pump Installation & Repair

Cahoy Pump Service has experienced crews that are knowledgeable in handling both deep-set and shallow-set line shaft turbines, submersibles, short-coupled boosters, and horizontal booster pumps.
  We have crews that are certified in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. All crew foremen are 40-hour OSHA HazMat trained and certified, as well.

Our fully integrated machine shop allows us a greater extent of quality control when rebuilding our clients' pumps. Our extensive bronze and shafting inventory allows us to fabricate our own internal bearings, thus decreasing the turn-around time required to you, the customer, back up and pumping.

So whether you're needing 10 gallons per minute or 2,000 gallons per minute, our pump crew staff is ready, willing, and able to handle your water pumping needs.

  Well Treatment & Rehabilitation

Well rehabilitation is defined as restoring a well to its most efficient condition, using various treatments and/or reconstruction methods. The necessity for well rehabilitation will depend on the effectivness of the maintenance program and how faithfully it has been followed.

Cahoy Pump Service has uniquely qualified crews and credentials to successfully perform any type of well rehabilitation. From minor well cleaning, to chemical rehabilitation, to major structural overhaul,we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to get the job done right for you.

Well rehabilitation is not an exact science, and a "one-size-fits-all" approach is seldom the correct answer for any problem. The staff at Cahoy understands that you have a major investment in your water infrastructure. We will take the time to thouroughly review, research, and explain your individual situation to you and will customize a rehabilitation process to maximize your investment dollars without sacrificing the integrity or quality of the end result.

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Marne Office
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  Epoxy Coating
Minerals, acids, chemicals, abrasion, and immersion make water and wastewater treatment facilities a very harsh environment for pumping equipment.
  No part of a facility escapes punishment: every tank, pipe, pump, valve - in fact, virtually every piece of process pumping equipment - needs long-term protection. Our coating process utilizes the latest technology to apply a Tnemic coating system tailored to your specific application to increase the lifespan of your equipment.
  Aquifer/Well Field Investigation
Working closely with well-respected hydrogeologists, Cahoy Pump can feasibly ascertain the abundance of water available in a particular aquifer.
  By deriving data from a series of test wells and observation wells, we can accurately predict the amount of water available for withdrawal without harming the future sustainability of the aquifer. This data can also provide other valuable information such as proper well spacing, radius of influence, and aquifer storage coefficients.
  We also offer...

Test Hole Drilling and Exploration
Logging and Analysis
Complete Machine Shop Facilities
Video Well Surveying
Well Treatment and Cleaning
System Design and Efficiency Review
Direct Rotary Drilling
Reverse Rotary Drilling
Monitor Well Drilling

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